Montreal’s Best Chicken is Way Out East

Every carnivorous Montrealer has a go-to chicken spot, whether it’s an old-school family haunt like Chalet Bar-B-Q or Cote St. Luc, a consistently decent chain like St-Hubert or Portuguese mainstays like Romados or Coco Rico. (A few of you weirdos even have a thing for Scores, if willfully poisoning your body could be considered a thing.)

I was a Romados man myself until 2016, when I took Mel on a very long car ride to Tétreaultville on a Monday night for a Uniburger pop-up at Le Coq de L’Est 2015. It took us 40 minutes to get to the East End outpost from NDG by car in no traffic and opening hours are limited, but it’s totally worth the trek. Mel thought I was crazy for driving us past the many refineries of the east end, and maybe she’s right, but every time I have business out there (which admittedly isn’t often), I’ve got to bring not one, but two chickens back home. That way we’ll have leftovers for a week.

It’s a chicken place in a former topless breakfast joint (make your own jokes) run by wife-and-husband team Vanessa Beeching and Omar Zabuair. Not sure what it looked like before, but today it’s lined with taxidermy and vinyl records and no signs of its salacious past.

I did a Tétro food crawl for Cult MTL a while back, and I have to admit I’ve been itching to go back every time I get a chicken craving. Basically, their bird is a cross between tandoori and rotisserie, with the perfect unobtrusive and smooth gravy emboldening the spices. The skin has beautiful glowing red hue that locks in the juiciest meat I’ve ever sunken my teeth into. I mean, take a look at this oven:


The ribs are a must as well: encased in crunchy goodness. It’s walkable on a nice day from the Honoré-Beaugrand metro station, so next time you’re looking for an adventure in your own city, why not hop on the green line and go taste arguably the best chicken Montreal has to offer. I think the fact that it’s a long way out East makes it taste even better somehow, because your mind knows you went out of your way to treat yourself.


5 thoughts on “Montreal’s Best Chicken is Way Out East

  1. No refineries between NDG and Tétreaultville they begin at rue George V as does Montréal East. A 20 min ride from downtown McGill Metro station to H. Beaugrand terminus, then a short 10 min bus ride via #26 or #185 (metro Radisson) or (H. Beaugrand) as well as #189 H.B. only. Get off at Jean Coutu corner of Hochelaga/Des Ormeaux. And yes the food is AMAZING! The building not too exciting but hey you’re there for the food n’es-ce pas!!! If you go in spring/summer take advantage to discover the beauty of this neighbourhood I live in, and take a stroll down Des Ormeaux towards magnificent Bellerive Park you won’t regret it a gorgeous stroll along the banks of the mighty St-Lawrence Seaway, and yes bathing is safe in the river at this location. You can also take a ferry over to Boucherville Islands, wildlife sanctuary and rent a Kayak on the weekends. June 23-Sept 4th.


    1. We drove by a few factories, not sure what type I guess! Cool tip about Bellerive, looks nice on Google maps.


  2. I used to live in NDG and the Plateau and now I am a proud East Ender since 2004 ( yes my job took me East). This is my favorite spot and I hope people will come out and see our cool little neighbourhood in the summer, one block from the St-Laurent with bike paths, markets and no problem parking.
    A must try is the ”broasted” chicken, which is not on the regular menu, but is on the specials one or twice a week. It’s tandoori chicken that is deep-fried to perfection, served with the best skin on fries , herby gravy , celery rave coleslaw and curried kale if you’re lucky. the cocktails are amazing, and I love to encourage this cute couple that needs no introduction, but I will anyway. Vanessa is an amazing server ( she used to work for Martin Picard at the Pied De Cochon) and Omar keeps the music mixes bumping from old school hip hop to anything cool while he’s manning the grill. Come on West Enders, don’t be scared to come out the the EAST!!!


    1. I forgot to mention that Omar worked at Joe Beef as a chef


      1. Hi Sylvie, thanks for the tip on the broasted chicken! We’ll definitely check it out next time.


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