Painting the Town (Sort Of) – Paint Nite

This Christmas, Erik bought me a gift certificate for Paint Nite. I liked the idea of shaking things up by doing something a little out of the ordinary. We love trying out new bars, it seemed fun to add creativity into the mix. I had mentioned in passing a few times that I wanted to try it out. So was pleased to hear that Erik had thoughtfully picked out a painting for us to do. It was a bright, multi-coloured daisy at McKibbin’s West Island. I love floral designs and I loooove colour. Perfect!

But, a few days before the event we received an email saying it had been cancelled with no details as to why. “That’s fine,” we thought. There’s plenty of other great options and cooler bars to try. So we picked a different painting – a garden path with bold colours and lots of flowers – at Lord William Pub. “Even better!” we thought.

However, a few hours before the event we received the same nondescript cancellation email. By this point we were a bit annoyed and wondered if we’d ever get to one of these elusive events. Erik contacted customer service to ask this very question. To their credit, they were very quick to respond and offer us an additional 2 passes (we weren’t sure how good of a compromise this was, as using our existing 2 passes had proved fruitless).

A few weeks later , the stars aligned, and we finally made it to a Paint Nite at Irish Embassy! It was quite fun. Olya, our animator, ably guided us through the steps of “Cabin under the Aurora”. Another attendee, a self-proclaimed “real artist”, showed up intoxicated and ranted throughout the event about how cheap the materials were and how this wasn’t art but some “Pinterest bullshit”. Olya did her best to keep things light for the rest of the group and did a good job of managing this unruly rascal. Though this guest did damper the evening somewhat, we still enjoyed ourselves and left quite pleased with our “Pinterest” projects. We’re both looking forward to the next one.

All in all, Paint Nite is a pretty great idea poorly executed. Their organizations could use a little more…organizing. But their staff and customer service is excellent and will fix any issue you may encounter. So, go out and paint!


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