Best Meal We’ve Ever Had – Lilla Ego

As much as I love Montreal’s restaurant scene, I must admit the finest meal I’ve ever had was in a tiny restaurant on a quiet street in Stockholm, Sweden. You should absolutely visit the city, and when you’re there, try to grab a seat at the bar at Lilla Ego. You won’t regret it. Here’s what I wrote at the time in August 2017:

  • Popped into Lilla Ego without a reservation tonight and crammed into a seat at their bar. @miss_mel181 and I could barely move, yet had one of the best culinary experiences of our lives. Intense entrées washed down with calvados and Swedish soda. Shared pickle juice and bourbon shots with the guys next to me. If you ever find yourself in Stockholm, go to this place. Unbelievable.
  • The crème brûlée,, usually the most played out of desserts, was made with goat cheese foam and a layer of macadamia nuts. Every dish was so intricate. Salmon sashimi with pumpkin and almonds. Tataki with pickled green strawberries. Flavour combinations I never knew possible.
  • Obviously, the fact that Mel and I were squished together at the bar while being served these decadent dishes made it all the more memorable. Basically had my arm around her the entire night because I had nowhere else to put it.

Since then, Mel and I have tried to find something similar in Montreal that matches Lilla’s level of sophistication when it comes to tastes and textures without overdoing it or feeling too stuffy. I think we’ve found it in Perles et Paddock, which we’ll be talking a ton about on this site, but for now, I’m content to daydream about Sweden and the amazing culinary journey we had there.

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