About Us

Hey! Nice to meet you!

Welcome to out new little blog! We’re a young (well, young-ish) couple from Montreal. Mel is a drama nerd who loves a night at the theatre, elaborate dinner parties, exquisite cocktails, glitter and arguing for the sake of arguing (and she’s really good at it, too). Erik critiques shows, consumes craft beer, obsesses over music and weather updates. Together, we love going out, trying new restaurants and bars, and hitting the open road when our schedules allow it. Friends and family ask us for recommendations all the time, so we decided to put all of our favourite things on one handy website. Hope you enjoy.

P.S. Why “Guest List + Infinity”? It refers to a concert a few years back where by accident, Erik was given seven guest list spots instead of the usual +1. He spent the next two hours trying to fill the spots, when one of his friends incredulously asked if it was “really okay if [he] could bring a date along also.” Erik answered, “yeah, tonight, I got guest list + infinity, man.” The expression stuck. It means life’s a party and you’re all invited.



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